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How Can Businesses Re-devise their Financial Strategies to Battle the COVID-19 Crisis

Financial Strategies

Businesses around the world are struggling to maintain their financial stability during the Covid-19 pandemic. Especially, startups and small firms have been brutally affected as they have limited cash and lower margin to deal with such ups and downs. These businesses should adopt a new set of rules and be mindful about surviving during this crisis.


Plan budget and expenses for the coming months

As we are not sure about how long this pandemic is going to last, it is essential to be prepared for the worst. Try to reduce expenses as much as you can by halting new hires, spending a huge amount on marketing, travel, etc.


Maintain healthy relationships with your clients

It is essential to have something better than nothing. Work closely with your clients and make sure that you’re doing your hundred per cent to keep them satisfied. Don’t make any mistakes that might lead you to lose your potential clients.


Keep your team engaged and motivated

Your employees are the only pearls that can save your business. So, it is very important to keep them motivated to work especially during this pandemic. Communicate with your team regularly and schedule meetings often to discuss work and schedules. Make sure that you and delivering what you have promised to them and prove that you care for your employees by suggesting them to work from home, providing all equipment, and salaries on time.


Be transparent with your vendors and contracted parties

It is understandable that it could be hard to pay your vendors, landlords or contacted parties during this period. But, make sure that you are communicating transparently with them and provide them with sufficient notice in case if there will be any delays with their payments.


Managing employees and other activities in the business

Large companies who plan to lay off their employees, it is best to reduce the salary of the highest-paid individuals only during the pandemic and adjust money with other employees’ salary. It would at least save other employees from losing their jobs. Try to avoid paying a bonus or extra money to your employees now and promise them that they will get their bonus once the situation is better.


Stay in touch with your investors and partners

Actively communicate with your investors and experts and plan the right form of action plans for your employees as well as customers. It is good to have a genuine conversation with them to maintain consistency with the business revenue and achieve the goal. Your investors can help you save your business and employees.


As human beings, we should stay united and help each other to stay strong during this pandemic. It is essential to take care of ourselves and our families to witness a better future. Also, we should remember that working hard would always help us become successful, and we will win this battle.

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